About KC Notes

What are we?
KC Notes offers free notes that are targeted towards people in Australia (but still accessible to the whole world)! It's a student run project, non-profit and advertising free.
A bit of History
No, not Year 9 History. The idea of KC Notes came from a certain individual who sent notes to his friends through email.
Eventually, notes became tedious to send, so the idea of making a website popped up. Time was spent looking for a suitable home for KC Notes (and also, making notes). More importantly, that home had to be FREE - we didn't want to pay for something free. KC Notes was tested on many websites - a Wordpress site, Edublogs (which has become a sort of... news/development blog thing for us?), and eventually, Wikispaces.

What was good about Wikispaces?
  • Free for education, with a free 'Pro' option for educators. That meant that the website could be changed a lot (does it even look like a wiki?) and files could still be uploaded.
  • Not blocked at most Department of Education schools in NSW (and probably Australia). Wordpress is unfortunately blocked.
  • Much more customisable, compared to what was offered through a blog or a free website (of which most were blocked too).
Why KC Notes? What's so good?
Written by students.
Notes written by students may be comparatively less advanced than notes from professors and teachers, but provides a student's point of view that many other students will understand.

To the point.
KC Notes uses actual note form in its notes - there aren't many sentences. Instead of long paragraphs, KC Notes is easy to read and quickly revise. It uses syllabus dot points (from NSW Board of Studies) for each section, meaning that it focuses on the topic.

No money at all. Everything is free. Although KC Notes may be limited to specific schools at times, most content will be available to everyone.